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The customer ‘ate’ Some Pussy of an Independent Mumbai Escorts Girl Stoya

My name is Stoya an independent Mumbai escorts girl. I am aged 22, with a height of 5 feet 6 inches. I have super sensitive breasts that are 34 inches and today I am going to tell you a story of my first experience having sex!!

This was the beginning of my 22nd birthday day. I used to work in a private firm in Mumbai, and my life changed after meeting Zoya, a lady who owns the Mumbai escorts agency. Zoya and I became good friends and one day during our conversations, she proposed that I join her fast-growing escort agency in Mumbai. According to her, my charm and my love for adventure would blend in well with the clients. Well, naturally I turned down the request at first but then I asked Zoya to tell me more about the agency. She walked me through everything and urged that I give it a thought while even asking me to test the waters with just one elite client and see where things go from there. I promised to try out if a nice opportunity presented itself, but inside my head, I wasn’t really sure if I was up to the task.

First client of an Independent Mumbai Escorts Service Girl Stoya

After a few days, I got a call from Zoya a VIP Mumbai escort girl and she said that there was this new elite customer who was really worth a try. So she requested that I go to her office the next day in the evening. She had to convince me and her sort of did so by telling me that the client was just new. He was unhappy with his wife and wanted some girl to hang and have some adult fun. After some thought, I convinced myself that I was also keen to have some fun, so I said to myself, why not!

Mumbai Escorts Services in Hotel Taj Palace

The next evening I went to the hotel, known as Taj palace where Zoya gave me a brief overview of my first client. The guy, as I learned was known as Robert and Zoya was so keen on making my first time and experience to remember while she was also keen on giving Robert a very happy ending!

Long story short, I arranged a meeting with Robert at TajPalace. We met at the lobby exchanged some pleasantries then we both went to our room and Robert ordered a bottle of wine for two. We enjoyed a few glasses of wine and that’s when we both got tipsy and started getting cozy.

It began with smooching but we had soon dropped off our clothes! He moved down and started licking my nipples as he ran his hands all over my body. My clit was throbbing already and I couldn’t resist grabbing him by the dick. He touched my pussy and rubbed my clit smoothly as I gave him a smooth hand job. A blowjob followed and he also reciprocated with a cunnilingus. He was so hard, my pussy was dripping and we were ready for action! Action it was and I think we didn’t even sleep.

Client asked for Anal Sex and He Got a Treat from Independent Mumbai Escort Girl

We banged for hours, style after style. I was begging for more!! He even asked for anal sex and I bent down on my legs in doggy style and he was rearing to go. He started by licking my anus then he started rubbing it with almond oil. He then inserted his nice dick into my anus and fucked me till he came! Let’s just say that Robert enjoyed my company a lot that he even gave me $1000 dollar as a tip with positive feedback. Zoya was also right. I did enjoy the thrilling sexual experience too.

From there on, I joined the adventure of independent Mumbai escorts and I have never looked back. Trust me, having thrilling sex, screaming and cumming is so good!

Why Independent Mumbai Escorts Services are best?

If you love to do sex with a sexy Mumbai call girls in Mumbai frequently then you ought to try out my services. As a matter of fact, myself and the escorts in this agency are trained and deeply experienced in offering quality services to top-level clients who won’t settle for average. The beauty is that you can have adult fun in any place you desire plus you get to pick the kind of model you feel like munching. Once you have a taste of our models, you will get hooked and you will never have enough!

You will simply need to pick a escorts in Mumbai of your choice out of the plethora of sexy models in store for you. Then you can make a booking in a very private way and set a date with the girl of your choice.

Quality oriented Independent Mumbai Escort Stoya

My pictures may be enticing but there is more than you need to experience and you can attest to that once you schedule a booking with me. I am not about money, I am all about giving clients the experience that will keep them coming for more. This is why I have set my sights on delivering only luxurious Mumbai female escorts services and nothing compared to many other services you see being advertised around

I am always available but I am may not be able to answer every call for my services, especially from those people who aren’t seriously interested in my services. In this regards, just schedule a service with sexist independent Mumbai escorts or with me. if you are ready for a good ride and interested in a long-term relationship with endless adult fun. With me all your dirty secrets are secure and you will certainly have a secure place for tailored in-call Mumbai escorts services. This is a place you can enjoy your little heaven on earth with no worries

Mumbai Independent Escorts Review By Clients

Hello everyone, I am a top-level business management professional. I used to visit Mumbai twice in a month. I was always looking for a top-class escorts in Mumbai where I could find a girl to hang out with frequently. Frankly, I looked around but I never tasted any pussy I could never forget till I met this girl named Stoya. It was just by chance that I decided to get in touch with her and I have never regretted a bit. The girl is so tight, very wet and knows how to fuck a man. She can make you‘spit it’ out in a minute!! Her escorts services in Mumbai is highly recommended and my friends are joining the party too. My heart goes out to Stoya, keep it tight girl!

Mr. Alex GM, Mc.Frost Pvt. Ltd.

A look into the Female Escorts in Mumbai

If you are looking for some secret fun anywhere in Mumbai then I am your girl. I am not only sexy and beautiful, I know how to turn up the fetish side of a man. I know when to go slow, when to go hard on you and where to touch for the adrenaline rush. All my services in Mumbai specially Mumbai independent escorts are super affordable but premium-level quality and you will never stop loving my company and my pussy. Come have a good time with someone you can trust to leave you yearning for more and more.

Independent Mumbai Escorts girls allow all sex positions

  • Anal Sex
  • Doggy Style
  • Froggy style
  • Handjob
  • Intercrural Sex
  • Kamasutra
  • Non-penetrative sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Piledriver
  • Seventh Posture
  • Threesome
  • Women On Top

Pleasent Elegant Independent Mumbai Escorts Services

Harry's feedback to Stoya - She used to say that she will fill me with joy and she did; she played well with me :)
I never got that level of fun and joy with any other independent escorts in Mumbai that I got from Stoya. I ejaculated thrice inside her deep and wet pussy. I would love to do her again and again! Stoya is super sexy. She has maintained her marvelous face plus I love her boobs size-well fitting. God blessed her with a good figure and she maintained it in perfect shape. When she takes her clothes off, no one can resist having sex with her. I tried and failed :)

Guarantee of exciting romantic night with independent escorts in Mumbai

Stoya is the best #1 independent escorts in Mumbai She has a magic wand and some secret ingredients that make her clients happy. She will surely seduce you with her perfect figure and charm. You know what? She will take you to cloud nine. In fact, the first time you fuck her tight vagina, you will feel like you are in between heaven and a very good place. Just buckle up as you are bound to be hard for some hours. Make sure you are hydrated as well, you will lose sweat having fun.

Elite Mumbai Escorts Services by Model Escorts in Mumbai Stoya

No doubt that there is no comparing between Stoya and any other Mumbai escorts agency girls you find around. Stoya will deliver services warranting her status quo among the best premium VIP escorts in Mumbai. No Wonder she is known as an Independent Travel Escort.

Are you hiring a real Independent Mumbai Escorts Services by model Stoya?

Well I'm feeling glad to say that i'm only one who operates truely with group of girls which are known as Independent Mumbai escorts girl (A VIP Mumbai Escorts Group) who can provide a ride of sweetness through premium sexual and other adult services. These are girls that share their time with clients and guide them when exploring the beauty of Mumbai and its environs. Of course, there are the adult sexual services they offer to clients in Mumbai. The girls are however not for relationships though but you are allowed to have fuck them whenever you feel like.

Types of Mumbai Escorts Girls

There are many types of independent Mumbai Escorts Services all designed to quench your needs of adult fun lovers living in the marvelous city. Some of them include:

  1. Female Mumbai Escorts
  2. Models Escorts in Mumbai
  3. VIP Escorts in Mumbai
  4. Hotel escorts in Mumbai
  5. House Wife escorts in Mumba
  6. Mumbai College Girl Escorts

Classy and elegant Independent Escorts in Mumbai

The main functions of Mumbai escort girls and extraordinary Mumbai independent escorts are more of less the same but there are some differences. These differences exist in the way they work, the body figures, hygiene levels etc.

High Profile Independent Model Escorts in Mumbai

My name is Stoya, a super sexy Mumbai escort always ready to take up the challenge of lighting up your mood with some adult fun. Well, I am not your usual escort in Mumbai-I have mastered all the way into a man’s heart not to mention that I am so beautiful to resist. Talk of pure sexiness, I am blessed with some natural curves at the right places albeit with a slim body, smooth skin, and a very nice ass, all that blend in very well with my gorgeous looks.

Fuck a Sexy Independent Mumbai Escort Stoya

It doesn't come easy though given though, I hit the gym frequently, eat well and strive to stay fit all for you! In other words, when it comes to unlocking ‘the cookie jar’, you can rest assured that you are bound to break a lot of sweat but there is more! I know how to unlock the ‘sweet spots’ in a man or let’s just say you are in for a marvelous experience with one of the best independent Mumbai escorts you can dream of.

Intimate Model Escorts in Mumbai

I am all about delivering premium level Mumbai escorts services and this is why I have always had style and elegance as the top priority in my services. Did I also mention that I am an excellent companion? Yes, that’s right. I am one of the best companions you can find among the pool of Independent Mumbai Escorts. As a matter of fact, I have a nice mix of a great sense of humor and smartness not to mention that I am very caring and very outgoing. This is to say that I am your dream Mumbai Independent Escort if you are looking for more than a onetime experience. I can stay and travel along with you anywhere in Mumbai and around with a promise that my company will not be one to forget.

Mumbai Escorts Services Within 15 Minutes Direct to Your Room

The real beauty is that I offer a wide array of escorts services in Mumbai tailored at quenching your sexual fantasies. Think of having that ‘go-to’ girl who can assist you unravel your wild side.

Well, every second spent with me is not just unforgettable, it is very refreshing to your soul. So, are you looking for timeless elegance and sensational looks in an independent Mumbai escorts? I am your girl! I am nothing short of class and confidence. I have turned heads wherever I have gone but don’t just take my word for it. Come discover my world! Be warned, though! You will keep coming back for more.

Why Our Mumbai Escorts Agency is best for hiring escorts in Mumbai?

Physical pleasure is a basic need which when left unfulfilled can even lead to breaking the sacrosanct bond of marriage. It is a way of expression of love with the other partner that needs to be articulated to describe the other of your feelings. However, when needs are not fulfilled they can make a person anxiety prone and inconsiderate which will be fulfilled by Mumbai escorts Services girls at any point in time.

This entire world is built on the basis of attraction where beauty is judged for its uniqueness and enjoyed for its ingenuity. We come together to experiment each other’s company and then decide if we want to move forward in a particular relationship. Our escorts in Mumbai will surely meet the urges of the people.

Mumbai Escorts For All,Open 24/7 at Top Mumbai City Escorts.

If however you are alone and want to spend some moments of companionship without any limitation, hiring professionals is the best way out to redeem your fantasies. Mumbai escorts who are known for their heavenly dispensation and natural inclination towards pleasure will help you satisfy your desired motive. They come with different experiences that will make it all worthwhile to try them onto yourself. You can not only take them to your parties and functions but can also enjoy their scintillating body in your private abode. They are mesmerizing in their appearances and can turn wild and horny in between the sheets.

Private Mumbai Escorts Girls Call Local Escorts in Mumbai 24/7

Their magical eyes are just an entrance to the heavily guarded world of treasure that makes them so appealing.You can always learn the art of seduction from Mumbai escort and can also use them whatever way you want. They are known to be perfectly inclined to meet your physical needs and use their experience to refine the whole process. You can expect them to be at their ultimate best from the very start when they start revealing their secrets. Their only sin is that they do not stop at anything.

Once they are in their best form, you can pounce on your prey to quench your hunger. These Mumbai escorts are specially cultivated for bed action where you can not only glimpse their shapely figures but get to enjoy their delightful machinations they are well known for. You can surely extract the best out of situation and find your relief after leaving your secretion as a mark of completion inside these beautiful

Where Can I get Independent Mumbai Escorts Services?

Looking for premium level Mumbai escorts services? You are in the right place! We have all the top and sexist Mumbai escorts you can think of, no wonder we are rated among the best in the realm of Escorts in Mumbai. Well, it’s no fluke that our model escorts in Mumbai are the most sought after. Want to know why our Mumbai models are so popular? Well, it’s down to a lot of things but it all boils down to one thing. We have premium models known for turning every bit of sexual fantasies into full-blown reality! And you know what? We know that every person’s fantasy is never the same that is why our Mumbai escort services are packaged in a way that is tailored to quench every type of sexual desires.

VIP Model Escorts in Mumbai

Talking of a plethora of sexual Mumbai escorts services, one of the most popular services has got to be our escorts in Mumbai who deliver more than just sexual fun. We are talking of those sexy models in Mumbai who can keep you company in and out of Mumbai. Say you want to travel around with the finest model out of a selection of many sexy ladies afforded to you. It gets even better! It’s not just for the company as you can have any type of adult fun with the model whenever you feel like. The real beauty we have every type of model be it those with big tits, the ones with big asses, the slim ones, the plus size sexy girls, the young or older, you name it. They are all super good looking for companionship and very naughty when the real games begin. Want to travel around the country with sexy escorts from Mumbai? These are the girls for you. Just buckle up as you are about to fire on all cylinders!

How to get Escorts in Mumbai?

At times you just want to blow off some steam or let’s just say you are in that mood to play some smooth or wild adult games. This where our escorts in Mumbai come in. These are the Mumbai escorts who are sort of ‘firefighters’ and they are always on call ready to deliver the experience to you wherever you are. For instance, you want just want a model in Mumbai to come into your place, in a party or in any type of event. Our sexy models will not just show up, they will light up the place and cool off some steam when need be! Again, you can call in any sort of chick in Mumbai you fancy not to mention that you can pick any number models depending on the level of adult fun you desire.

Do Live Sex within Mumbai with Mumbai Female Escorts

If you are the type of person who loves live fetish sessions from a live cam then we have also got you covered. You can get any type of live sex session with any type of Mumbai Female escorts model you want, all from your preferred place. Who said, you can’t live up to your fantasies whilst keeping your privacy intact? Our escorts in Mumbai have mastered the art and science of digital sexual fantasies thus expect to get an experience you have never had! Getting a live sex session with a model escort in Mumbai is pretty simple. Just go through our amazing selection of Mumbai sexy models, pick whoever you love and book your service!

Superb Mumbai Independent Escorts, Hot Escorts in Mumbai - Mumbai Escorts Girl

Are you looking for the sexiest Mumbai independent escorts? Naturally, you would want to pick from an agency you can trust. We have made a selection of independent Mumbai escorts super easy meaning that you can pick whichever type of model you want based on the finest of details. We are talking of matters age, body type (slim sexy, medium sexy, big and sexy etc), sexual type( Mature, Oriental, PornStar, Tantric Mature) and much more. Let’s just say that selection, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities!

24 Hour Mumbai Escorts Services

You deserve the hottest chicks and we are dedicated to offering you a plethora of models you have been craving for. We offer 24-hour services meaning that you can find a top model at any time of the day. Who said you can't-do a sexy model whenever you want to?
So stop salivating and book your date with any Mumbai escort you want to ride on now. It’s time you discovered your fetish side and we will provide satisfaction and a level of discretion that is unconditionally 100% guarantee.

Experience the best Independent Mumbai Escorts Services @ Stoya Escort

If you are looking to spend some great time and have some fun while doing the raunchiest things with a girl of your choice.You are at the right place. We, at Stoya Escort, provide the best Mumbai escorts. Our Mumbai escort services include everything that can make you experience the game of love. You can experience it in the most passionate manner with a girl of your choice. We have some of the most seductive, beautiful, sexy and professional Mumbai escorts working with us.

Mumbai escort is an excellent option for all the men who want to experience the real act of lovemaking. The Mumbai escort girls are not only well aware of the sexual cravings of men. They are well also trained when in seduction. They know how to go wild at the time of the act and doing all the dirty things that you desire. You cannot even imagine the kind of things that you enjoy with these girls. We can ensure that spending time with a girl of Stoya escort will make you come back to us again and again.

Sexy Female Escorts in Mumbai

We provide the high-class female escorts in Mumbai.We also offer our services in different parts of the city. Our escort services are best known for the girls that are working with us.We are popular for providing the best escort services in Mumbai with full privacy.

Stoya Escort is a known name and we also have some of the top-notch clients that take our Mumbai escort services. The reason of popularity of our Mumbai escorts services are girls that are working with us. Each of our escorts is chosen by us by keeping the needs of our clients in the mind. We have the most sincere and professional Mumbai escorts working with us.

The Mumbai Escorts working with us are not only aware of the various needs and desires of men.They also understand that most of the men are unable to get the kind of sexual experience that they crave for. Our female escorts in Mumbai take care of all those raunchy and horny tricks that will make you forget all your worries and we can sure that you will enjoy “the act” as never before.

High Profile Mumbai Independent Escorts

At Stoya Escorts, we provide Mumbai Independent Escorts. This gives you the option of enjoying and doing all the raunchy things with a sexy girl without any restraint. Independent Mumbai escorts is a safe and better option to go for. It gives the direct link with the girl you want to spend the night. As there is no agency in between you and your wildest Mumbai escort so you don’t have to worry about the privacy.

Privacy is also one of the top priorities of Stoya Escort. We always make sure that none of the details of our clients go out. We guarantee your privacy and we take 100% responsibility for it. So, you just need to focus on the enjoyment that you will have with Mumbai escorts. Leave the rest of the things to us.

Stoya Escort gives you various options for contacting. If you don’t feel like sharing your contact details then you can easily book the girl of your choice on our website.We will provide you the services through online platform only. We have been providing Mumbai escorts services to the top-notch clients for years now so privacy is not a matter of concern with Stoya Escort.

Here are some of the details that will make you more aware of Mumbai Escorts Services and why to hire these escort services.

Why people find Independent Mumbai Escorts as the best option to hire?

Mumbai is a city that is full of love and passion and there are some of the top models and celebrities that live in the city. Stoya Escort has some of the known names working with us as an escort.We also have the most charming and sincere girls working us. You certainly cannot find any other better option than independent Mumbai escorts. If you have been waiting for a long time to enjoy some quality time with a beautiful, sensible, seductive and professional girl then VIP Mumbai escort Stoya is the best choice to go for.

If you have been dreaming to have a celebrity escort by your side then Mumbai model escorts are the only option to go for. Stoya Escorts provides a great number of options when it comes to hiring celebrity and model escorts in Mumbai. We are well aware of the needs of our clients thus we offer a number of options in escort services in Mumbai.

Why independent Mumbai escorts is the better option instead of hiring agency escorts?

Mumbai is a place where you will find a lot many Mumbai escorts and Mumbai independent escorts. The question comes that which one option is better? Let me tell you that Independent escorts are the far better option than going for an escort agency in Mumbai. It gives you the option to choose the girl and deal with her directly. Whereas in an escort agency there are a lot of middlemen that come into the picture.This can be a threat to your privacy and along with this the amount of money you will spend with an agency will be more as compared to the independent Mumbai escorts.

What can you expect to get while hiring Independent Mumbai Escort girl Stoya?

If you want to be with a girl that follows your commands, a girl that makes you feel special and give you the pampering and love that you have been craving for years. Independent Mumbai escorts are the most erotic, sensuous, sexy and professional that will make you experience the real fun and pleasure of lovemaking. Stoya Escort provides Mumbai escort service where we offer some of the young, erotic and charming girls.These girls can make you enjoy the world of pleasure and orgasm that you must have never experienced ever before.

Mumbai Escort services are widely popular just for the reason of professional and sexy girls that work as escorts. These girls are not naïve as they are well-trained in the tricks and ways that can make you enjoy the sexual activity in most erotic manner.

Independent Mumbai Escorts Services 24-Hours

Mumbai escorts are popular in all over the country and there are people who specifically hire Mumbai escorts services. The reason is the kind of options and experience they get here in Mumbai. Stoya Escort tops the list when it comes to providing the most seductive and beautiful escorts.

We, at Stoya Escort, have the most professional and dedicated escorts working with us. We have trained the girls in a professional manner for making you enjoy the pleasure of the act. Our escort services also include erotic massages to uplift your mood. We can make you enjoy the naughty hours that you spend with the girl of your choice.

So, your wait to spend the most memorable and orgasmic night is over. We, at Stoya Escort, can make you spend a great time with some of the sexiest girls. You can get in touch with us today and we can ensure you to provide the best Escort services in Mumbai.

Independent Girls

Mumbai Independent Escort
Stoya, 21
Mumbai Model Escorts
Zoya, 22
an erotic Mumbai escort girl Jenny
Jenny, 24
Mumbai Escorts
Liza, 20
Independent Mumbai Escort Mini
Mini, 21


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